About us

Founded in 2022, CZUCZ STUDIO emerged from the inspiration gathered during a six-month stay on the island of Bali. The Balinese way of life left a profound impact, leading to the desire to share its essence with the world. While unable to physically bring Bali home, I sought to transplant its mindset.

Driven by the aspiration to instill values and create something delightful for both customers and myself, CZUCZ STUDIO set out to design a line of clothing that encourages confident and unrestricted existence.

Identifying my personal challenges in the realm of fashion, including climate-related concerns, a perpetual consumerist drive, self-esteem issues, and time wastage, the studio embarked on a journey to address these issues.

The result was the SUN PATH collection. Crafted from 100% European linen, these garments are meticulously sewn in small quantities within Hungary. The design philosophy focuses on versatility, allowing for the creation of a capsule wardrobe from these pieces. With the SUN PATH collection, CZUCZ STUDIO seeks to provide a remedy to these challenges while encapsulating the essence of its journey.